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Versace Red Jeans EDT Perfume For Women – 75ml


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Those faded pictures tucked away in your dusty shoebox dont just show you what a bad idea that shag haircut was. As you sift through memories of rose-tinted glasses and glittering baubles, a fit of nostalgia grasps you. With Versace Red Jeans, turn back the clock to a simpler time and channel your bohemian spirit. Sweet and sensuous, this electrifying Eau De Toilette, shows off the whimsical side of the first house of fashion – Versace.
Fuzzy soft notes of apricot mixed with peppery fresh freesia and sweet hints of peach make up a temptingly light top note. This is followed by an enticing heart note with clean and bright extracts of lily of the valley, sweet hints of rose, subtle notes of water lily, floral notes of ylang-ylang and powdery violet. Finishing off with a base note of rich sandalwood, hints of soothing musk and the creamy essence of vanilla, this fragrance leaves you with a desire for more. With fruity and floral notes balanced by a woody undertone, this luxury perfume appeals to the temperamental woman with a forever-oscillating plan of action. A pale-red tonic poured into an intricately shaped bottle, this perfume acts as a tincture for drudgery. Its housed within a cylindrical crimson structure that is reminiscent of the old toffee tins you stored secret messages, your favourite broken earring and magazine cuttings. Forget your deadlines and responsibilities, put on your Red Jeans and take a trip down memory lane.

Heart Notes
Violet, Water Lily, Ylang Ylang, Lily of the Valley, Rose
Top Notes
Apricot, Freesia, Peach
Base Notes
Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla
Fragrance Type