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Versace Eau Fraiche EDT Perfume For Men 100ml


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Leaving the cool comfort of your air conditioned sedan to ensure perfection in your outside world, you now have a companion to make sure the plush inners of your car are not misseDavid
Fresher and Aquatic Fragrance
Comforting your senses with a fresh aquatic fragrance so the momentary burn of the scorching heat does not hinder your performance is this Versace Eau Fraiche EDT.
Blend of Oriental, Mediterranean Woody and Musky Notes
The exotic amalgamation of musk with saffron and amber lies under a storm of moving notes like cedarwood, pepper, sage cardamom and zesty lemon.
Iced Turquoise Bottle
The glistening turquoise bottle seeks the high pedestal even on the most unorganized dresser so go ahead and let Versace work magic on your personality.