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Azzaro Wanted Eau de Toilette For Men 100ml


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Azzaro Wanted Fragrance Toilette Perfume Spray For Men – 100ml

Azzaro Wanted Eau de Toilette is an irresistibly seductive and unique fragrance that will intoxicate you with its intensity and the air of luxury.

Created to seduce and to be desired, Azzaro Wanted embodies the values of the brand and the charisma of its founder, Loris Azzaro. Between brightness, seduction, hedonism, generosity, liberty and charisma, the perfume “celebrates life” with strength and boldness.

Azzaro Wanted is the fragrance of a highly successful man for whom everything is possible. Independent, he lives life on his terms, follows his instinct and changes the rules of the game constantly. He boldly takes chances with complete confidence, disregarding his destiny to get what he wants. Whatever he aims for, he gets. Whatever he dares to do, he wins. Enough to arouse the envy of men and the desire of women.

​An insatiable pleasure-seeker and a relentless rule-breaker, the Azzaro Wanted man runs from adventure to adventure. Day and night, between seduction and friendship, the new campaign follows this modern-day aesthete through the streets of Barcelona, in his roaring car, in luxury hotels and other stunning locations, and always in good company…

A seducer, Azzaro Wanted leaves trouble in its wake. The creation plays with both hot woody notes and fresh, spicy aromas. From this intense harmony, desire is born.

​In the “spicy-woody-citrus” family, the Azzaro Wanted perfume dares, driven by flamboyant ingredients, including two raw materials originating from sustainable development.

Armed with its mechanical, metallic and glamorous contours, the Azzaro Wanted bottle flaunts its masculinity with originality. Its cylindrical shape symbolises a liking for play and a taste for challenge. Its shiny, showy metal cap recalls the perfume’s solar power. It is a work of art that speaks of devotion, luxury, and desire.

Fragrance Notes :

  • Top Notes : Ginger, Lavender, Lemon, Mint
  • Middle Notes : Apple, Cardamom, Geranium, Juniper
  • Base Notes : Amberwood, Haitian Vetiver, Tonka Beans