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Versace Versense EDT Perfume For Women – 100ml


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Versace Versense EDT Perfume For Women – 100ml

Heres something ever so sensual about a holiday in the Mediterranean and the gorgeous sun-kissed skin you get, almost as a return gift. Whether its a swim off the shores of toasty and welcoming Spain or traipsing through the quaint spice markets of Morocco, the Mediterranean charm has enchanted everyone. Relive those cherished moments or dream about the first step you take, all with a single puff of Versace Versense. An entrancing Eau De Toilette, this perfume is created for the iconic house of Versace.

Opening with a top note that tingles with sweet citrus bergamot, green and milky hints of fig along with sweet and hesperidic notes of mandarin orange. Following this into the heart note is a fragrant mix of light and floral notes of lily, exotic notes of jasmine along with sweet and spicy cardamom. Descending into the base note, you can take in the intricate blend of warm notes of cedar, soothing and heavy hints of musk, rich sandalwood and earthy hints of olive tree. Making an opulent statement, with a grand array of ingredients, this beguiling fragrance adds a little flair to your delightful evenings. Poured into a square-shaped solid glass vial, this perfume flaunts a mint-green hue that looks calm and refreshing. Complete with a silver stopper and the brand logo embossed on the center of the vial, this luxury perfume sits elegantly on top of your dresser. Versense is a crisp scent that cuts through the chilly nerves and blankets you in a fresh and warm embrace.


Heart Notes
Lily, Jasmine, Cardamom
Top Notes
Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Fig
Base Notes
Sandalwood, Cedar, Olive Tree, Musk
Fragrance Type