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Hugo Boss No.6 Collector Perfume – 100ml


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Make your presence felt with the Hugo Boss No. 6 Collector’s Edition For Men. This limited edition Eau de Toilette has a fresh, balmy scent that is thoroughly invigorating. Its sharp, spicy scent has been carefully created for the style conscious generation. The mesmerizing Eau de Toilette is the refined version of the classic Boss Bottled perfume. It exudes wonderful aroma of fruits and rich spices that is calm and soothing. The fragrance has a feel and simplicity of a lush countryside, along with a masculine vibe. Its top notes are citruses, geranium, plum, and apple. The perfume has intense middle notes of carnation, mahogany, and cinnamon on a base of sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, and vanilla. The fragrance is packaged in a shiny 100ml bottle with Boss logo prominently embossed across it.


Hugo Boss