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Burberry London Fabric Perfume For men -100ml


Forever the Englishmen have spun a magic so intense around women, through books, poetry and films is this Burberry London EDT. A refreshing olfactory delight is embodied by Antoine Maisondieu to let every man trifle away his rugged ways.

Sophisticated Scent of Lavender and Warm Cinnamon

The opening notes of this fine fragrance brings to you the sophistication of a quaint city in its lavender and cinnamon blenDavid

Distinctive and Refined Fragrance

The accords of various notes blending is a delicate balance between the old ways and the modern lives so every man has his signature scent keeping him recognized everywhere.

Glass Bottle with Check Fabric Cover

Keeping with the theme of London, the EDT is filled in a glass bottle to be encased in the characteristic checker fabric that Burberry is renowned for.

Made in France

Needless to say that Antoine brings with him the seduction inherent in every Frenchmen, to leave the world smelling more divine. Enjoy the subtle yet refined ways of Burberry London, because attention it will definitely bring your way.

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